Lag Less, Resourcefully

16 Dec 2016: Who doesn't want to decorate their world with captivating assets, rich with colors and seductive curves? After all, you have only one chance to make a great first impression. Dress it up for sure, but get to the party as fast as you can. Load lag is a buzz killer.

Pegasus has just gotten back from school, newly trained to speed delivery of your assets to the party. Before, he was a bit dull, only able to focus on one asset at a time. But now? He can unwrap asset packages on the fly and simultaneously deliver many assets at the same time, all without disrupting a user's ability to interact with a world. As a result, worlds are ready to go ten times faster!

“Whoa! That's like going from a plodding meander to a breakneck gallop.”, gushed Wilbur. That provoked the out-of-sorts Orville to mutter, “Wouldn't say 'whoa' if I were you, not unless you aim to tell that horse to stop 'n throw you.”

Piping Hot Views

26 Oct 2016: Pegasus covets the skillful craftsmanship of the master painter. The way she artfully layers colors on the canvas from back to front. The way he distills a three-dimensional scene to a flat, but life-like rendering, as seen from a certain point of view.

Inspired, Pegasus has outfitted his studio with a powerful rendering pipeline that marries each camera to its own viewport. Multiple renderings of the same or different scenes can now be hung on the display wall, each placed and sized according to the artist's best judgment.

“I am so thrilled to try out this new pipeline that I am rendered speechless!” exclaimed Wilbur. “Finally.” answered Orville.

A Jolly Escape from Horse World

23 Sept 2016: That mischievous steed respects no fences! Once again, Jolly left his two companions behind in search (he says) of greener pastures. After a long, early morning search under the clouds, he was finally found, nonchalantly munching on a nice tuft of fresh, green grass as if nothing was amiss.

Several social network commenters were excited to see so much texture and motion come to life in Horse World. Not every world can boast of a flying flamingo or a bouncing baby earth, spinning slowly in gurgled contentment! Could these imported models have spooked Jolly somehow?

The diamond gate was only slightly cracked open after the great escape. “I swear that horse got wings,” complained a frustrated Orville. “Not yet,” Wilbur sighed, “but I can’t wait to see what he get up to when ‘e do…”

Pegasus3D Achieves Kitty Hawk Lift Off

5 August 2016: After years of tinkering, experimenting, and testing, the beast was ready at last for his first trial flight. As dusk loomed on the side of a mountain Down Under, a button was pressed that freed the young, winged foal.

True to his nature, Pegasus whinnied with glee and rose into the sky, his tiny wings beating faster than a butterfly. With unerring sense of direction, he gathered up the package on the other side of the Internet and brought it back. He set it down and opened it, precisely following the unboxing instructions written in Acorn. He then displayed with pride the resulting picture of a diamond-shaped rainbow gate.

The gathered handful of spectators erupted into whoops and hollers, dancing as if bit by fire ants. The payload might be tiny, but so was the horse. He had promise, this colt! He had a bright future to grew into.

Not everyone was convinced. “Who needs a picture of a diamond?” scoffed Orville. Wilbur, who was also not there, agreed the whole thing was pure nonsense, “If man was meant to explore 3D worlds over the Internet, God would have given wings to horses.”