Matrix4 a 4x4 transformation matrix containing 16 Floats. Its indices are ordered in column first ordering:

 0   4   8  12
 1   5   9  13
 2   6  10  14
 3   7  11  15

Class Properties (see Type)

()-> matrix4. Returns a new identity matrix.
-> mixin. The type used by Matrix4 instances.

Instance Properties and Methods

(row, column)-> Float. Get or Set the matrix's Float element at the specified row and column..
() or (matrix) Calculate the inverse of the passed matrix (or self) and place result in self. This calculated inverse assumes the bottom row's values are 0, 0, 0, 1.
(matrix1, matrix2) or (matrix) Multiply matrix1 by matrix2 (or self by matrix) and store the result in self.
(matrix4) or (origin, orientation, scale) Set the matrix's numbers to the contents of another matrix, or the calculated result of a transformation matrix able to translate, rotate and scale.