Small and Local

Advance loading .. Zips/cache

Furthermore, for performance reasons, we want to load those contents near to when we need it, neither too early nor late.

Thus, when a resource is first defined, all Acorn knows or cares about it is its URL. The URL is only loaded when interrogated by certain methods. The loading is accomplished via these steps, asynchronously (where possible) from the main processing:

Server Refresh



Local storage: cache, cookies, user info, or worlds. What is read-only, writeable and non-viewable

Server should include ability to upload resources for integration and use by the server from anywhere in the local storage.

Server may need some sort of database structure for handling serialized data etc., account, and other rapidly changing state info.

Libraries and Namespaces

Methods can be used for managing aspects of the resource.

Require and include

libraries and seeds. Metadata and versions.


Error Handling and Exceptions


Multiple statements in a line

Multi-line comments, metadata, >/p>

Multi-line continuation - including Text

Program environment

Environment and eval

Implicit call parameters from environment

return = exit (return code)

Local and Parameter Variables are allocated and initialized when their block of code is executed and can only be accessed by the code in that block. When the block of code is finished, the allocated space for these variables is freed. Local variables begin with a lower-case letter or underscore.